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A Project by Paul T. Owen

Vivas Las Queremos (originally Todos Somos Ellas)


Women are being murdered in Mexico at a disturbing and alarming rate. According to government data, 987 women and girls were murdered in the first four months of 2020. Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero stated that Femicide cases increased by 137 percent in the last five years. Where is the anger?  Where is the justice? Who speaks for the devastating number of women being murdered every day? Why the impunity for the murderers? Where is the accountability? How can we stop the men who are perpetrating these acts? It is their responsibility to stop it.


Vivas Las Queremos (We Want Them Alive) is a photographic exhibition and online forum meant to bring acute, laser-focused attention to the violence against women taking place throughout the world and to help bring attention to our mission for the eradication of violence toward women.


The Vivas Las Queremos images of Mexican women, seemingly defenseless before the camera, represent the thousands who have died violent deaths because of their gender (Femicide). The walls represent defenseless environments without escape. Assaults against women often take place in the home and by family members. The women photographed against these walls cover their faces to protect themselves and remind us that their murders remain forever unimportant, uncounted and unsolved. They are lost souls in a beautiful country that is unable to stem an alarming tide of murder perpetrated by men against women, simply because they are women.

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